An Interview with Ambitious Young Musician DJ Dirty Vibezs

In New York; there are a few DJs that come up over and over again at the city’s hottest parties. One of those names is undoubtedly DJ Dirty Vibezs. No big surprise considering he’s aligned himself with the illustrious Deejaybooking Management, the same company that helped guide the careers of BOB SINCLAR, DADA LIFE, MS. DYNAMITE, THOMAS GOLD and many others.

Today I got a chance to chat with the ambitious young musician about how he launched his career by unknowingly DJing at Drake’s birthday, what’s coming up next and the pressures of working a room with Rihanna in it.

New York nightlife is all about partnerships. What are some partnerships that are valuable to your career and why?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – Partnerships are an essential part of nightlife, and for me the most valuable is my management. Deejaybooking management has been representing every aspect of my career since last year and they are an indispensable asset to my career. While ambition and dedication play a big role, the right representation and guidance can make all the difference :-Deejaybooking has made that difference.

When you’re not spinning Dirty Vibezs is likely…?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – Doing a million other things to further myself. Lately, I’ve been working on helping my friend launching a cothing line called Bakk Hyenaz. I take an active interest in social media and the impact it has had in introducing me to a wider audience. I’m also working on producing more and documenting my experiences, travels, events and everything through photography and video.

Favorite place to spin in New York?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – This is a hard one. I love spinning in several different spots but I’ll give it a shot.

I would say Electric Room is a favorite because it’s home to a wide range of people with a bigger and better taste in music. I can play Whitney Houston right after” We “Found Love” and “Love Affair”. People will get it. A second favorite would be PHD Roof at the Dream Hotel because of its ability to maintain a young, hip “it” crowd.

What made you want to be a DJ?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – Well, quite honestly, I never wanted to be a DJ per se. I was introduced to DJing by accident. My roommate, Carlos always wanted to be a DJ, so we bought some equipment and it was second nature for me. I was spinning like a pro in 2 weeks.

How did you get your start in New York nightlife?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I’ve been in NY nightlife as a promoter for many years, bringing models to the same venues I currently play at. I guess you can say it was a seamless transition. It has to be the next level in my career. I got to open during NY fashion week for DJ Ruckus.

Favorite DJ to share a bill with?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by great talent. deejaybook DJs are household names in the music industry. DJ Rush and Phihova & Anfisa are just a few of the guys I like to share the stage with.

Craziest night out on the job in New York?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – Actually, it was a night I was promoting at PHD at Dream Hotel and I was told Drake was downstairs at Electric Room. I went to Electric Room and the equipment wasn’t working right. I know the DJ that was supposed to DJ and I offered my help to reset the DJ booth. I got everything working, however the room was packed with girls and I mean amazing girls. The DJ lost interest due to the attention he was getting from some of the ladies, so he asked me to cover for him. After that night, my following grew, and Drake showed me respect. At that point, I knew I had talent.

You have DJ’ed at a number of high-profile venues and parties. Have you ever been star-struck? By whom?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I live in NY so it’s hard to get star-struck. When I was younger, an artist with a funny accent just like me named Shaggy made an album called “HOT SHOT”, That album had 2 songs that kept me motivated, it changed my life. And I was able to DJ for him at 1OAK while having Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, as my MC. It gets even better – I had Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley, the husband to Lauren Hill next to me. I re-lived that moment in my head for months.

Favorite party to spin at?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I usually have the most fun at fashion industry parties. Fashion and Music have such a long-standing connection. There’s a marriage between two of the most creative and entertaining industries. It’s always fun to DJ for that industry, that type of crowd. It lets me be a bit more creative with my set, lets me play songs I may not be playing in a nightclub.

Most obscure song you have in the set?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – Lately, I’ve been playing 80s soul records in the middle of a club night. I just think younger people should know these songs. Classics. Songs like, “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire or “Rhythm of The Night”, by DeBarge.

What song never fails to get people out on the dance floor?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I’ll have to say, Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” It’s timeless.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would that be?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I would love to work or at least get to be around RL Grime. I just think he’s a musical genius and I could learn so much from his art.

What’s next for you?
DJ Dirty Vibezs – I’m excited about so much. First, I’m looking forward to my European tour, just to see old friends in Holland, Finland, Italy and England. I’m looking to write a book titled “MY LIFE STORY”. I’m looking to migrate to LA sooner rather than later. But Fashion week in London, Milan and Paris, just to DJ at these big fashion events will be the highlight of the year.

Contact Details:
Deejay booking Management
[email protected]
+32 478 28 15 39

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