Social Media Influencer ‘’Vincent’’ Talks About Social Media And

Vincent de Boer, mostly known on Instagram under the handle @Vincent is a ‘’human centipede’’ this guy is only 18 years young but already have the experience of someone who is in the field for over 30 years! This talking about branding and entrepreneurship of course.

Vincent has learned the hard way that not everyone will love you if you get success at a young age, Vincent has gathered an astonishing amount of followers on some of his social media networks.

His tactics? Being himself.

His way of doing business is very unique, but it is working very well, his Shopify store is doing a few thousand revenue a month! Something now every kid can say.

Vincent de Boer, is also a Dutch actor, he played some roles in the show ‘’Spangas’’, ‘’GTST’’ and in the movie Prooi.

What has the future in store for him?

We’ll closely monitor him and report back whenever we can

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