How Alan Kings is Doing The Impossible in The Fashion Industry

Fashion has long been seen as the dynamic process of making people look good. From makeover to clothing and cosmetic surgeries, the goal is simply to enhance the feel and look of people. For so long in the industry, things have been done with very little change and innovative drive. Along comes the man Alan kings and he is set to disrupt the fashion industry.

Photo by Alan King @alanking Model: Tameek Jacobs @tameek

As a collegiate fellow, Alan Kings began to notice the disparity between the life of a college student and that of the corporate American. While the college student dressing is based on vogue and comfort, the corporate class is based on the need to impress and function. Alan Kings soon left both lives behind to begin his endless pursuit of perfection in the right blend of clothing for both class of Americans.

The pursuit took him to founding Akings brand, a brand that is bent on delivering high quality clothing that tells a story. The brand exploded with its signature J-shaped denim which saw a lot of social following and frenzy welcoming its release into the mainstream fashion market.

The signature clothing, like any other of Akings creation is made from unique materials that are carefully sorted and chosen in a bid to create the most exceptional pieces of fashion articles that will tell a story of its own. Alan Kings personal philosophy is that the choice of clothing is the first representation of a person, right before smiles and introduction. His aim for Akings is to create exceptional characters that goes beyond clothing.

Growing up wearing Denim was enough motivation for him to venture out to create the denim that would distribute stacks evenly from the knee down. The J-cut have become a signature wear for a lot of millennial’s and it is one risk that have paid off for Alan Kings. Since its creation in 2015, Akings have risen steadily and it intends to continue collaborating and aligning and working with top brands and partners in achieving the goal of the brand.

Photo by Alan King @alanking Model: Tameek Jacobs @tameek

What began as a personal mission for Alan Kings is today a movement of fashion re-orientation and disruption. While Akings started because Alan couldn’t find what he would love to wear to wear on the market, today that truth resonates with a lot of millennial’s.

The brand have employed the use of the social media space in driving disruption to the fashion world; having been featured across several media mammoths and getting worn by notable acts, Akings is fast becoming the fashion brand of the popular culture era. This in itself will help the disruptions move further and reach more people.

Photo by Alan King @alanking Model: Tameek Jacobs @tameek

Alan Kings, founder of the Akings brand believes that nothing is impossible and he is putting body and soul into achieving the shift in the fashion consciousness of the American millennial. As shown in the core values of the Akings brand, he keeps pursuing the ‘impossible’ goals with feverish, contagious passion with a bid to shoot for the sky.

He believes that getting to where the brand is today is a product of intentional actions and with the best of intentions, the brand will still be around for a long time.

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