Innovative App, that lets you to categorize the songs by Mood

LetzRock Mobile App Music Player is an entertainment emoji music player designed and developed by LetzwApp, a Portland, OR, USA based Technology Expert.

Sriram Varadhan, Design and Idea expert, designed a playlist based Emoji moods that helps all users to categorize their music based on their mood. In certain scenarios, our music box, smartphones or mp3 is a sea of music and most of the times we practically end up skipping songs after songs because it doesn’t match the mood we are in. But now with the LetzRock Mobile App Music player, listening to music is seamless and breezy as you now can listen to the music you want to, based on your mood.

How the LetzRock Mobile App Music Player App Works

With the app, all you need to do is select an emoji from the mood menu based on your mood and then the music plays. The moods available are: Happy, Sad, Party, Confused, Romantic, Workout, Poop and Driving. The user need not fret about understanding the app or being able to use it as the interface of the app is very simplified and made easy to understand and use.

Purpose of LetzRock App

Most smartphone users have hundreds and thousands of songs in their smartphones. The idea of LetzRock App is to help the users to avoid skipping the unwanted songs manually, while engaged in activities such as Driving or Workout etc. With LetzRock in smartphones, it helps every user to categorize based on one-touch Emoji icons and play by Mood.

System Build of the LetzRock Mobile App Music Player

Because of the system analysis approach of the LetzRock mobile app music player app, the interface of the LetzRock mobile app music player is quite easy to understand. Once the app is launched, the first thing that comes to display is the Logo of the LETZROCK MOBILE APP MUSIC PLAYER Followed by a variety of menu of which each interface is really easy to understand.

Menu of the LetzRock Mobile App Music Player

The menus contained in the LetzRock Mobile App Music Player include:

Mood Menu: This is the first menu that pops up after the app has been launched and the logo has been displayed. It contains a variety of moods represented by emojis that you can select from. The moods contained are Happy, Sad, Party, Confused, Romantic, Workout, Poop, and Driving.

Library Menu: The library menu contains all the songs and music playlist from your phone memory ( i.e: internal and external). From the music library, you can navigate easily from one song to another based on the playlist.

Customized Playlist: A customized playlist is created once you have selected a playlist from the music library based on the emoji mood you have selected. It could be a party playlist, driving playlist , workout playlist or romantic playlist. Anyone of your choice.

Benefits of the LetzRock Mobile App Music Player

Some of the benefits of the LetzRock Mobile App Music Player include:

  • Easy music selection based on mood.
  • Arranged playlist.
  • Customized playlist.
  • Free music listening.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Saves time as there is no need for continuous skipping.

Furthermore, the app helps create a mood. Because of the mood menu which contains a variety of customized playlist, you can get into any mood you want by selecting the mood. The app is available for free download on the Google play store and IOS store.

With LetzRock Mobile App Music player, the problem of listening to music that doesn’t match your mood is solved. LetzRock Mobile App Music player is only supported on smartphones with Android 4.0.3 versions or higher. Thus, virtually everyone will have access to such a great app like this. The really fun interface of the Graphic User Interface GUI will definitely surpass your expectations.

About the Founder and Innovative Design Expert

Sriram Varadhan, Innovative Thought Leader and Founder of LetzRock and LetzwApp mobile apps, already launched a very unique and successful App, LetzwApp. Sriram’s focus is to transform and solve the Smartphone user’s everyday pain points. For more details, visit their page: . The Apps are available for Free, that are available on Appstore and Google Play.

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