KaratGold – Global Leader in Blockchain Revolution Based on Anci

Gold has traditionally been used as a safe and an inflation protected investment. Today, KaratGold is one and only Blockchain-based cryptocurrency based on the ancient legacy of gold, which can be a real alternative to buying Bitcoin. KaratGold (KBC) can be exchanged at any time in gold, central bank currencies or any other cryptocurrencies. The visionary mission of Karatbars International is to return gold to people for their cryptocurrencies. Today, Karatbars International announces that July 4th, 2019 will become the “Gold Independence Day”, from this day the investors will be able to exchange their KBC to pure Gold.  

KaratGold (KBC) is a common cryptocurrency, but it makes a significant difference to most other digital currencies. The KaratGold is bound to the precious metal gold because each coin represents a precisely defined weight of gold. This fact gives the cryptocoin a certain stability, because usually its value will be based on the gold price. Furthermore, the KaratGold is extremely flexible, because it can be exchanged not only against any central bank currency, but also against almost all crypto currencies.

The Gold Independence Day

The KaratGold is particularly interesting for investors and traders who want to invest in gold and to get benefits of digital currencies growth opportunities. Here the KaratGold (KBC) creates an ideal connection, because the KBC is in close connection to the precious metal gold and provides an always existing exchange flexibility, since the Coin can be exchanged into gold. Karatbars International will start delivering gold from the “Gold Independence Day” – July 4th, 2019. Starting from this day, every person will be able to exchange pure gold to KaratGold (KBC) at the rate of 1g = 100 KBC.

Due to the recent BTC price losses investors are increasingly looking for Bitcoin alternative to get benefits of the cryptocurrency with more stable investment. In addition, a shortcoming for most Cryptocoins is that they do not have their own value and their price is based solely on supply and demand. At this point, KaratGold offers a very good solution, which is is extremely flexible and can be exchanged to pure gold as well as any central bank currency.

Pay In KBC Means Pay With Gold

Unlike the flat ones, the KBC holds real value and backed in gold, that is much fairer than the existing ones. The gold in the Fort Dauphin goldmine in Madagascar worth of $1.2 billion will be mined and used to back KBC. Also Karatbars International is making arrangements to buy the next gold mine to expand gold mining. The visionary mission of Karatbars International is to return gold to people and from announced ‘Gold Independence Day” the company will start delivering gold to investors. KaratGold (KBC) has raised more than $100 million to become one of the largest ICO in the cryptocurrency history.  

Karatbit Cryptocurrency Exchange

To facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency KARATBIT platform consists of core elements such as an e-wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, and native token. Additionally, it provides related features and services such as market cap rankings, token listing, various merchant tools, merchant list and an early version of a cryptocurrency-friendly marketplace.

Karatbit Exchange is an innovative trading platform aimed to work for the huge financial industry; and will have a turnover of $3 billion in the first year as per initial openning trends. To know more about Karatbit Exchange please visit https://karatbit.com

It is undisputed among experts that precious metal gold in particular is a very good investment and a reliable means of payment. For several millennia, gold has been used around the world as a means of exchange. Especially in economically and politically uncertain times, the precious metal shows its strengths, because its value is not only stable, but increases on average over the years considered continuously. KaratGold (KBC) is creating and developing a global infrastructure that will be become a bridge between conventional and cryptocurrency financial system. This will make KaratGold the center of future economy built on Blockchain technology.

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